Welcome to RWB Network Security! The purpose of this site is to provide tutorials for the beginner penetration tester. There will be tutorials on vulnerable machines such as Metasploitable, and vulnerable web apps such as DVWA, and Mutillidae. As the site grows, we hope to also include lessons on different tools used during a pen-test.

Why come here? I will be the first to say that I’m not an expert pen-tester, but I do have a passion for the field, and am studying everything I can get my hands on. For me, the whole concept of getting into a machine, or web app, involves solving puzzles, and looking at things in ways the average person wouldn’t think of doing, and I love that!

These tutorials will be geared towards those who are new to the field, and may not have even performed their first exploit. I hope I can explain things in a way that will make it easy to understand the core concepts being covered.

Check back often, as this site is just getting started, so I’ll be adding tutorials often.


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  1. What a great channel on youtube. you are really genus man you the videos are so good and well explained, am fresh new to pentesting and you are my savior I would be enough thankful if you make a tutorial about bruteforcing tool called Hydra

    Have nice day

    <3 Algeria <3

  2. Thanks for the feedback, and for checking out the videos! I will be getting to the password tools. I’m slowly working my way down the list of tools in Kali in each category, but I’ll be sure to do one for Hydra.

  3. Hey!
    I just came by to say how helpful your tutorials are and how well informative everything is layed out. Are you going to be doing your own irc/reddit? Would love to get involved and learn more. And please cover more “vuln distros”! It would be awesome to learn more with you! Bless

  4. Thanks for checking out the tutorials! At this time, I won’t be able to do anything that’s more interactive, mainly because other things are taking my time right now. My goal is to maybe do like a live training on a specific topic, but it’s going to be a bit before I can put that together. I’d like my channel content to be more interactive, in hopes that each person can help someone else. Maybe YouTube isn’t the right platform for something like that, but I’ll build everything out as I can. Thanks again, and continue to watch for more!

  5. Honestly great channel.
    I do have small query
    I see following error when trying to run freegeoip. I am running kali linux in vmware with bridged networking mode. [!] URLError: .

  6. I’m assuming you’re seeing this when running Recon-NG? If so, the program’s author says errors like this usually happen when there’s a connection issue. Could be something with Kali and VMWare.

  7. All other modules running quiet effectively but I am wondering whats the issue with freegeoip. Is there any way I could get over it ?

  8. Amazing Work!! It would be wonderful if you could start off with a bug bounty series for newbees !!

  9. Great tutorials, could you please get me out of this confusion that where and how could we use the different kinds of records against our target that we have collected from dnsenum.
    Thanks for all these great tutorials.

  10. Hi.. Thank you for the videos. Especially the one of Responder, it was highly informative. However i had a simply request about privilege escalation regarding unquoted paths and vulnerable services.

  11. Hi bro u have a great channel I saw your video about sqlmap those are awesome & can I have u r email id or Facebook profile name because I have some doubts which I need your help for that

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